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Rye was a prominent seaside vacation area in the Victorian era and many hotels and boarding houses populated Rye Beach. Their locations are noted on this tour, which concentrates on Sea Road, South Road Central Road, and Red Mill Lane. This app provides great entertainment for family and guests.

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Now you can stroll through some of the most historic streets of Rye, New Hampshire, with the Rye Historical Society's new "Rye Beach Block" Walking Tour app. The audio guide app is available for iPhone, Android, and Windows phones. The tour can be found on the izi.TRAVEL app, which is available for download below. Once the izi.TRAVEL app is downloaded, you can find the "Rye Beach Block" Walking Tour. See the how-to instructions below.

Once you download the izi.Travel app, search for "Rye Beach Block."

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Rye Historical Society
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